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Serbian Shepherd Dog

Date of publication of original standard:
Usage: Guarding dog and shepherd dog
Classification: FCI Group 2
Section 2.2
No working test.

General appearance: Strong to rough-strong constitution.Molossussoid.Well connected body covered with thick hair.Rectangular body shape.
Size: Withers height of males is between 58 cm and 69 cm, of females between 55 cm and 65 cm.Tolerance is +/-2 cm.
Important proportions: Head length is 40-43% of withers height.Upper lines of muzzle and skull are divergent.Skull length to muzzle length ratio is 60:40 body length is 5-10% larger than withers height.
Character: Good-natured, of calm temperament,brave,dignified.Very sharp while guarding the entrusted property or flock.Incorruptible and fearless.Loyal to the master,completely calm in his presence.

1.1 Skull: Must not be flat.Rounded from all sides.Forehead crease slightly expressed.Ocular arches clear but not overly expressed.Occipital bone unaccented.Skull width between ears roughly equal to one half of head length.Longitudinal axis of the skull is longer than transversal;skull slightly narrowing towards facial area.
1.2 Stop: Slightly expressed.
1.3 Nuzzle: Shorter than skull area,crossing from cranial area to nuzzle may be slightly expressed.On the place of this crossing,nuzzle depth is almost equal to nuzzle length,while nuzzle depth is some 10% bigger than nuzzle width.Shape is that of blunt wedge-gradually decreasing towards nose.Nosebwithers is flat.
1.4 Nose: should not be under or above nosebwithers line.Most be lagre,with sufficiently large nostrils.Observed from the side,front profile line of nose should be in vertical connecting plane of lips.Nose and interior of nostrils must be pigmented.In dogs with black markings on the body,this pigment is black,while in dogs with brown or lighter markings,this pigment is brownish.
1.5 Lips: Must fit well to bone basis.Of medium thickness.Upper lip slightly covers lower.Corners of the mouth not particulary expressed.Lower lip mustn't be hung.Mucous part of the lips,as well as its edges,must be pigmented.Lower lips profile crosses from an oblique arch to a straight line that is divergent with nosebwithers line.
1.6 Teeth: Jaws must be strong.Bite may be scissors bite or level bite,but reverse scissors bite is also allowed.Lack of firs premolars(P1) does not effect grading.
1.7 Eyes: Almond-like.Not goggle-eyed,not sunken.Color must match that of the coat.Dark eyes are preferable.Eyelid corners should be pigmented.Its glance must be calm and fearless.
1.8 Ears: Set in the height of imaginary line that connects top of the nose with the inner corner of the eye,or slightly lower.Triangular in shape.Ear length is some 80% of skull length.

Of average length (35% of withers height).Upper line of the neck is slightly rounded,while lower line is flat.Angle between the neck and the horizontal line is some 30 degrees.No sudden crosses in connections with head and body.Neck must be strong.Skin must fit tight,while hair is long and thick,therefore forming a collar.

3.1 Overail appearance: Body must be strong,but shouldn't appear stocky.Withers and sacrum are on the same level,or sacrum is slightly higher.Mid-back is lower that the withers.Body length exceeds withers height for some 5-10%.
3.2 Withers: Slightly expressed
3.3 Back: Strong and wide, not too long.While the dog is moving,its back must be as still as possible
3.4 Thoracic part of the back: Muscular,strong,well connected with withwrs and loin part.
3.5 Loins: Observed from profile,slightly convex.Short,in females might be somewhat longer.Muscular,well connected with chest and croup.Slightly gathered.
3.6 Croup: Of medium length(about 30% of withers height).Enclosing an angle of 25-30 degrees with the horizontal.
3.7 Ribcage; Must be spacious.Its scope must be at least 10% greater than withers height.Chest depth averages 45% of withers height.Ribs are rounded.
3.8 Chest: Strong,muscular.Top of chest bone is slightly under top of shoulder.
3.9 Lower profile line and stomach: Slightly elevting from chest bone profile towards hips,thus making the stomach appear gathered.

Upper line of tail represent the continued line of croup line.Height of tail root is some 85% of withers height.Tail is very strong at root,its thickness gradually decreasing towards apex.Reachers hock, but due ti its apical warping appears to be shorter. While at rest,tail is carried saber-like under the line of back,but not vertical or warped above the back.Covered with thick hair that forms a plume on the lower edge of tail.

5.1 Front legs: Parallel,related to each other.Bones of front legs are strong.Muscle are expressed,firm.Front leg's height from ground to the elbow is 50-55% of withers height.
5.1.1. Shoulder blade: Of medium length.Fits well to the body.Closes an angle of 55-65 degrees with the horizontal,while shoulder angle is 115-130 degrees.
5.1.2. Upper arm: Must be strong,muscular,well connected to the body.
5.1.3. Forearm: With developed muscles.Bones are strong.Elbow is in the line that is parallel with the medial vertical plane of the body.Olecranon must be situated on the vertical pulled from the rear edge of scapula.Elbow angle is some 145 degrees.
5.1.4: Front wrist: Situated in the prolonged vertical line of forearm
5.1.5. Front pasterns: Observed frontally,is situated in the vertical line that passes throught the axis of forearm.Closes an angle of 25-35 degrees with the vertical.
5.1.6. Feet: Round.Fingers must be round and gathered.Nails are dark or black pigmented.May be ivory-colored in dogs that have light markings on the body.Soles must be elastic,firm,pigmented.
5.2. Hind legs: Parallel,related to each other.Must be strong but not overweight.Postures must be correct,with adequate angles.
5.2.1. Thighs: Wide,strong,muscular.Length measures -33% of withers height.Mutually parallel,as well as when related to the medial axis of the body.Enclosing an angle of 60-70 degrees with the horizontal, and 80-85 degrees with the pelvic bone.
5.2.2. Lower thigh: Muscular,somewhat longer than thigh.Enclosing an angle of 55-70 degrees with the horizontal.Angle between thigh and lower thigh is 115-140 degrees.
5.2.3. Tarsus: Must be firm, wide,flat,giving a harmonic end to hind pasterns.Tarsus height (from ground to the top) is 25-30% of withers height.Hock angle is 130-140 degrees.
5.2.4. Hind pasterns: Strong.Height depends from the height of the ankle.Somewhat steeper than front pasterns.Possible occurrence of sprouts.
5.2.5. Feet: Often more elongated than front feet.Otherwise without differences.

Must be elegant,harmonic,mustn't walk in jerks,convulsions.During movement,the line of the back must be as still as possible.Arching of the back is not tolerable.While pacing or trotting,neck shouldn't be in horizontal position.The dog's preferred way of moving is trot of medium length.Gallop is untypical, yet if it gallops,jumps are long,but the gallop is slow.Evaluation of shape of a dog that walks badly is lowered no matter what the exterior is like.

Of medium thickness, must be pigmented.Coloration varies depending on the color of hair.Skin must fit tight to head and body.Dewlap is not allowed.

Al visible mucous membranes must be pigmented.Intensity and color of pigmentation depend of the colors of a dog.

Thick,abundant.Minimal length of hair is 6 cm.Hair is firm,mustn't be silky,thin,flat.Undercoat is thick and finer than outer coat.Hair is short on the frontal part of head,ears, front side of legs and feet.Forms a collar on the neck.On the rear side of front legs it forms flags, and on the rear side of hind legs forms 'pants'.Forms a thick plume on the tail.

Basic color is white,with various markings (spots,dots,tablets) of different colors.All colors except singularly black are allowed.



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